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My name is Valter Demarie. I was always an aircraft modelling enthusiast, since 1980. I particularly like the copies in scale of the II World War, but I don’t design the acrobatic models.In 1998 I had the pilot’s licence for sport crafts and even if I pilot the extra lights, I never “refused” the aircraft modelling.The company Biella Express s.r.l. works in the freights-world since 1995 and belongs with a licence to the General Logistics Systems group, with the trade-mark Rcmodell and has the following objectives:

A worldwide selection of products for our hobby, taking care to select these, which have a good relation between quality and price.

Direct import and quick distribution to the final customers, reducing the freight charges and the intermediate passing charges.

After sales service  with spare parts assortment of the bought products.

Pick up the products to be repaired (under guarantee and not) by the customers and send them to the producers, sending back the repaired pieces to the customer.

Best regards   Valter Demarie

(Telephon calls are only in italian language possible. Please send your messages through e-mail, sothat we can transmit than to our translater. Thank you.)

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